Donna, Parent

My daughter who is 12 has been with Alieza for a few years. She has struggled with self-esteem issues thinking she is not good enough to play and gets disheartened easily. Alieza has bought out the best in my daughter with her understanding and commitment. She teaches her in a way that she does not feel any pressure at all. In the few years she has been with Aileza she is now on grade 4 soon to be going for level 5. My daughter comes back from flute lessons now positive and happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Alice to anyone, from total beginner to later grades.

Ros, Parent

Alieza has been teaching my daughter to play the flute for 8 years now and Alex will be taking her grade 8 next Xmas aged 16. Alice is more than a teacher to Alex -
she is a friend and confidante. No decision regarding music is made without discussing with Alice first. She has taken my shy little seven year old and helped to
make her into a confident performer. She listens and talks to her about school and life. As parents we couldn't have higher regards for Alieza.

Ros, Parent

Hilary, Pupil

Having taken up the flute just prior to retirement, I had very little knowledge coming to Alice as a pupil a few years ago.
She is a most patient, focused teacher, encouraging but realistic. I always know where I am and what I need to do to progress. She misses nothing!
Alice is a teacher of the highest calibre and I thoroughly recommend her.

Rachael, school music teacher.

Alieza has worked at school for many years teaching our junior school pupils. Pupils have ranged in age and ability but all have done well under her direction. She is a super teacher, fully committed to the pupils she has and is passionate about her instrument. I would without hesitation recommend her.