All about me

I grew up in Canada and started playing the flute in a school band class when I was 13. I moved to England in 1983. I was involved in many musical activities in Canada and England, including orchestra, wind band, jazz and pit band, as well as singing in school choirs. My other favourite subject was Maths and I decided to study it at Sheffield University. Whilst there, I played with some local orchestras, both as a full member and a deputy and sang with the Sheffield University Choir.

A bit extra...

Once I gained my degree I realised that, although I still enjoyed Maths, I wasn't interested in using it in a career and began to look for alternatives. At that time I was studying with Judith Mellor, and I decided to work for qualifications in flute teaching, and set myself up as a flute teacher. Since then I have studied with Louise Matthew and Clare Southworth.

I try to stay in touch with what is new in the flute world. I attended The International Flute Course in Woldingham from its second year until it ended in 2012. The course tutors were Clare Southworth and Ian Clarke. I got the opportunity to perform in and attend masterclasses. It gave me fresh ideas for my teaching and playing. I also have the chance to hear these players perform, which is inspiring. I attend other courses and conferences run by the British Flute Society , the Incorporated Society of Musicians and the ABRSM. World renowned players are often involved in these.

I play my flute and piccolo regularly and also play alto flute. I was a founder member of the National Flute Orchestra. In 2004 I began taking singing lessons with Corrynne Osborne as flute playing and singing are very closely related. I passed my grade 8 singing exam in 2008. I own a folk flute and Ed sings and plays folk guitar and cittern. I currently play flute and piccolo with Sheffield Symphony Orchestra.

I do find some time to do other things! I go to the gym regularly and particularly enjoy the climbing wall. Ed and I also spend a lot of time at the cinema and theatre, and watch films at home.

One of the most enjoyable things I have been involved in is the production of a charity performance of Pirates of Penzance in 2005. We have a website, and if you look carefully you can find me in the rehearsal photos.

Alieza under Greig's Statue, Norway
Alieza under Greig's Statue, Norway