A bit extra...

Once I gained my degree I realised that, although I still enjoyed Maths, I wasn't interested in using it in a career and began to look for alternatives. At that time I was studying with Judith Mellor, and I decided to work for qualifications in flute teaching, and set myself up as a flute teacher. Since then I have studied with Louise Matthew and Clare Southworth.

I try to stay in touch with what is new in the flute world. I attended The International Flute Course in Woldingham from its second year until it ended in 2012. The course tutors were Clare Southworth and Ian Clarke. I got the opportunity to perform in and attend masterclasses. It gave me fresh ideas for my teaching and playing. I also have the chance to hear these players perform, which is inspiring. I attend other courses and conferences run by the British Flute Society , the Incorporated Society of Musicians and the ABRSM. World renowned players are often involved in these.


I play my flute and piccolo regularly and also play alto flute. I was a founder member of the National Flute Orchestra. In 2004 I began taking singing lessons with Corrynne Osborne as flute playing and singing are very closely related. I passed my grade 8 singing exam in 2008. I own a folk flute and Ed sings and plays folk guitar and cittern. I currently play flute and piccolo with Sheffield Symphony Orchestra.

I do find some time to do other things! I go to the gym regularly and particularly enjoy the climbing wall. Ed and I also spend a lot of time at the cinema and theatre, and watch films at home.

One of the most enjoyable things I have been involved in is the production of a charity performance of Pirates of Penzance in 2005. We have a website, and if you look carefully you can find me in the rehearsal photos.